This Love I Know.

Everyone desires unfailing love. This desire is the foundation of human existence.Whether or not they find it, depends on the source they choose. Those who do not know God will only receive a taste of real love from a spouse or their parents.  It will only fully be found through the gospel. Let me share…

Introducing Fundraising Campaigns

Happy Monday to all of my fellow bloggers and visitors. I apologize for the time I have had to take off due to a hectic work load recently. However, I am finally back in action. To get things started up again at Th3 Platform, I’ve decided to start something brand new. I want this blog…

My Proverbs I

These are proverbs that I have made from what I read, see, and understand.

Statement on Syrian Airstrike

Last week, under the unanimous support of military advisors and allied nations, our Commander-in-Chief launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles into one of Syria’s top military airbases. The Russians were notified 1 hour prior to the strike and the casualty toll was less than 10 people. The strike was intended as a slap on the wrist…

Sell Out

Although she stands a role model for millennial conservatives, she has made a serious mistake in her pro-choice stance.