Why Christ?

Why do we put our faith in Christ and his sacrifice for our sins on the cross? (Courtesy to my pastor for sharing great evidence) – 500 eye witnesses saw him after he was declared dead by Rome – his 11 disciples went from devastated that their leader had been killed to fearlessly proclaiming the…

This Love I Know.

Everyone desires unfailing love. This desire is the foundation of human existence.Whether or not they find it, depends on the source they choose. Those who do not know God will only receive a taste of real love from a spouse or their parents. ┬áIt will only fully be found through the gospel. Let me share…

My Proverbs I

These are proverbs that I have made from what I read, see, and understand.


We all too often seek favor with man rather than God.

Movie Review

A special encore presentation will be on March 2nd! Do not miss out on the movie confirming Genesis as history.