Absolute Power Corrupts

The CIA has an unlimited hacking power that poses a threat to politics and our rights.

Display of Radical Ideology

You’ve seen my post Obama’s Legacy where I show the unprecedented radical roots of the former president. It makes sense that he would specifically choose administration officials to impose his ideology of America. One of those officials is Loretta Lynch. After watching a new video of Lynch advocate for a continued effort to march, kill, and spill…

Defund it.

Planned Parenthood’s days should be numbered. The slaughter must stop.

Empowering Tyranny

The Left has persuaded and gifted Iran with a false sense of power that they do not deserve.

Implications of War

How foreign affairs have shifted the world stage closer to the possibility of war

Obama’s Legacy

Summarizing the effect of the first anti-American president as his tenure draws to a close.