Why Christ?


Why do we put our faith in Christ and his sacrifice for our sins on the cross? (Courtesy to my pastor for sharing great evidence)

– 500 eye witnesses saw him after he was declared dead by Rome
– his 11 disciples went from devastated that their leader had been killed to fearlessly proclaiming the gospel to the entire world despite it resulting in their martyrdom
-As a result there are nearly 2 billion Christians in the world and counting
-As a result the Bible is the number one book of all time
– Jesus’ death by crucifixion was predicted in the books of Psalms and Isaiah hundreds of years before crucifixion was even invented!
– All Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in the Gospels

The Lord sent His Son to endure the worst death on earth so that we do not have to endure a much worse eternal death in Hell! Hallelujah! Let’s be joyful and vigilant to honor the Lord with our lives. I find it to be a struggle myself but keep fighting the good fight!


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    1. lptrey says:

      Thank you! Much appreciated


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