Introducing Fundraising Campaigns


Happy Monday to all of my fellow bloggers and visitors. I apologize for the time I have had to take off due to a hectic work load recently. However, I am finally back in action. To get things started up again at Th3 Platform, I’ve decided to start something brand new. I want this blog to play a role not only as a source of political and theological knowledge, but also a center for philanthropy. The first campaign I have started is with the Mitchell Cancer Institute. I have a personal history with this organization because I was a volunteer research assistant for 6 months several years ago. This institution plays a very important role in treatment and research in the Southeast. I would like to urge all of my visitors to please donate to the GoFundme page I have set up here! If I am able to get things in motion with this first campaign, I would like to add even more to the page for other important causes! If you have any particular suggestions for other fundraising campaigns, please comment on this post or email me in the contact tab! God bless you all!

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