My Proverbs II


Again, just as a disclaimer, these are not divinely inspired. However, I believe them to still be truths.


This flesh has failed me thus far and to the end of my days in this world.


What greater motivation is there than to approach each day as an opportunity to bring honor to the Lord’s name and cause the heavens to rejoice.


With knowledge of His omniscience, how then can I make the opinion of man greater than the opinion of God?


The ministers of the gospel can be summed up as this: they are capable and willing to aid in the construction of new temples in the hearts of those that will accept Jesus as their Savior.


 With a sober mind on guard against the demon, how then could the temporal world ever exceed the eternal in importance?


With full understanding of the decision faced by every soul, no one would choose to bear their own fate of death on their own, for the weight of sin is unbearable. Rejoice my soul, rejoice! Our Savior removes our burden.


The absurdity of carnal man is this: somehow we decide it is best to cut our branches from the Vine that supplies us.


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  1. hoojewale says:

    Lawrence, I can assure you, in all sincerity, that you’ve spoken the mind of Jehovah. The third verse, no doubt, indicts the Romish Church; and it’s the bane of the disarray in the various churches. Something, other than God’s protocol, directs what is taught: opinions contrary to the eternal word of God. Good work, this is.

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    1. lptrey says:

      Thank you! I agree with your analysis. God bless you friend.

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