Defund it.


My Lord’s and my own anger are kindled against the organization known as Planned Parenthood (PP) which should really be called Escaping Parenthood. However, my basis for this post will not be centered on my religious views per say. This organization is not only unnecessary in today’s society, but also its motivations are sinister. They’ve always been sinister dating back to the founding of the PP. Margaret Sanger undeniably founded PP to exterminate black children. It’s a proven fact, but not talked about of course because of its undermining effect on the Leftist agenda. This is not to say that this is still the motto of PP now, but they certainly abort more black babies based on proportions in demographics to this day. They account for more than 30 percent of abortions while black people are only 12 percent of the population. 80 percent of PP clinics are near African American and Hispanic communities. They may not intend on minority genocide today, but the result is the same. The true horrifying nature of PP today is not about who is being killed but what is happening with the fetal tissue. Despite the illegal aspect, PP has overseen the sale of fetal tissue to stem cell research companies for a hefty price. The most notable would be StemExpress: a multi-million dollar company that accepts a cost of around 100 dollars for each body part received. The money starts to add up fast and so does the greed of the officials at PP. You should have seen the Project Veritas videos that exposed high ranking officials talking to each other about the profits they were yielding from this exchange. I give you all of this background to tell you that it is time to defund this crony corporation whose success is predicated on a half a billion dollars of federal funding annually.

I know the snowflake Lefties are squirming with anger at this introduction and thinking that this is an infringement on the rights of women. The The Emotional Appeal Of The Left is at play here folks. It’s a false narrative to say that defunding PP would negatively affect women’s health. They will use the exceptions of rape, incest, and life of the mother that only encompass 10% OF ALL ABORTIONS to justify the other 90% of reasons that range from “I’m not ready” to “I can’t afford it.” I realize that only 3% of PP’s funds go toward abortion and that 10% of women who visit PP receive abortions, but think of this: the Nazis probably spent less 1% of their funds to commit genocide on the Jewish people. This number is actually fiction though because they use that 3% figure as a money value when in reality it is the number of abortion services provided rather than the money. An abortion is anywhere from 100-1000 times more expensive than any of the other services provided by PP; therefore their main source of income IS abortion.

I correlated the Holocaust to abortion in American because abortion is the slaughter of humans, not the objectified term “fetus.” A nine-week old baby has a heartbeat and can feel pain. At 23 weeks a child can be born outside of the womb and survive. Tell me again how any unborn child after nine weeks is not a human being? And yet there are people in this country that support partial birth and live birth abortion.  Unfortunately, the legal system in this country disagrees.

Planned Parenthood does offer other services, but not all of the ones they claim to have though. Contrary to what you hear people say, PP does not offer prenatal care or mammograms. They offer contraception services and STD screening.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards’s repeated claim at a Sept. 29 congressional hearing that the organization does not, in fact, offer mammograms or have mammogram machines in its clinics.

This leads to my point on how PP is an UNNECESSARY EVIL. All of their services can be received by low income women through other local clinics. The 3 million women per year that visit PP will not be stranded with no healthcare; they would simply visit alternative clinics that do not engage in illegal and horrifying harvesting and selling of human fetal tissue or lie about the services they provide. Other organizations were not founded by a woman intent on eradicating black people. This excerpt from National Review is a great point to solidify my claim:

As Democrats for Life has pointed out numerous times in recent days, the number of local community health centers outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics ten to one. Rather than the one-size-fits-all franchise approach of Planned Parenthood, these community health centers nicely embody the principle of subsidiarity in responding to the diverse local needs of women — whether in the Bronx, rural Kansas, or southern California. Indeed, these community health centers provide everything Planned Parenthood does, and more, but without doing abortions.

Just to add on to this quote, PP only accounts for 30% of abortions annually so for the women who still wish to pursue with the slaughter, they don’t have to go to PP.

As you can see, Planned Parenthood should not be funded by TAXPAYERS! Our country has the blood of 60 million children on its hands. There’s no way to stop abortion entirely in this country, but we can definitely put an end to its leader. By doing so, we can stop the illegal sale of human fetal tissue, the desire to abort children through partial/live birth for better sales profit, to stop an organization from lying to the public about their operations, and most importantly shift 500 million dollars in federal funds to local clinics that can provide everything and MUCH more than what PP has to offer.


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    1. lptrey says:

      Thanks my friend!


  1. Amen and Amen! Before the election, I had a blog post explaining that I am a conservative, always have been and always will be. And abortion was one of the issues that I compared between trump and Clinton. Abortion breaks my heart just as it breaks God’s.

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    1. lptrey says:

      Thank you ma’am. It’s very difficult to wonder what’s going through the minds of people that support this and especially those who perform abortions.

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      1. Isaiah 5. Good will become evil and evil will become good. 😞😞

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      2. lptrey says:

        We can expect nothing less. The time is drawing near!

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  2. Reblogged this on Fearless and commented:
    In spite of the controversy this may cause, I am reposting this blog. We need to begin having this conversation!

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  3. Kristi Ann says:

    Amen-Amein!! Defund the evil Planned Parenthood NOW, they have killed over 59 million Babies since 1973!!

    I say make evil Abortion ILLEGAL!!

    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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    1. lptrey says:

      Love to you as well my sister in Christ!


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