Empowering Tyranny

Where has appeasement been a successful ideology in US foreign policy? The Allies sought to appease Hitler, and war was still inevitable. We have appeased North Korea and Kim Jung Un is still an arrogant ego-maniac that does not compromise on his desire of nuclear weapons as a means of flexing his muscles. Now we are dealing with the fruits of Obama’s appeasement of Iran. Why is it that as the most powerful nation in the world, we somehow believe that we must pay money and give nuclear development consent to our enemies? We gave Iran 150 billion dollars in cash in exchange for a meaningless “cap” on nuclear weapons development. That doesn’t even include the ransom payments we made. This is the appeasement policy Obama used that has weakened our position in the world. It’s like taking a knife and stabbing it into our own stomachs. Rouhani, the president of Iran, has of course realized that the US is easy to take advantage of. That’s why he continues to violate our agreements. Iran has been testing ICBMs that are used to launch nuclear warheads. Iran has been acting increasingly hostile towards our naval destroyers stationed near the country. We just recently saw nearly a million Iranians rally together chanting death to America and Israel. This isn’t uncommon either and the president himself has chanted it!

President Trump has fortunately put Iran on notice with just a preliminary act of strength against the inappropriate behavior by the Ayatollah. These people will never be our friends but we can have peace with them through strength. If they refuse, so be it a severe result for them. We will not be intimidated or appease these people any longer. We are opposed in every political and ideological way. They oppress women, we do not. They kill gays and lesbians, we do not. They persecute Jews and Christians, we most certainly do not.

It’s amazing to me how the tolerant Left supports an intolerant regime.We actually witnessed Iran thanking the democratic Left for rioting against Trump.When a regime is thanking you, you should probably take a look in the mirror at what you are doing and what you stand for.  We have no obligation to aid this country which happens to be the number one state sponsor of terror. Their aspirations for world power status will be shot down with force.


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  1. You are right on. Too bad Obama was a very Charismatic and manipulative to leader. There’s a lot to be undone.

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    1. lptrey says:

      Indeed. It’s a shame!

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