Past, Present, and Future

Our attention is a very fragile thing. Some people even struggle to command their focus. What does God want us to focus on? We are constantly taking in information, rethinking past events, and planning for the future. A lot of those things go in one ear and out the other. Think about in terms of what tense of time you should focus the majority of your attention on. Contemplating the past can yield guilt, the present moment can be overwhelming, and the future can make you worry. Let’s look at what God has to say about this.

I just mentioned some of the ways that our focus can make life seem like a burden we cannot carry. The most important tense of time to focus on is the present moment! If you spend your whole life worrying about the future and regretting the past, you will be fruitless and never attain the peace that God desires for all of His children. When I say the present moment though, I do not mean your temporal surroundings. I am referring to the Presence of God that is omnipresent. He is not bound by time and therefore is constantly with you. Take a look at these verses:

Isaiah 26:3 You will keep the mind that is dependent on You in perfect peace, for it is trusting in You.

Psalm 112:7 They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the LORD.

Philippians 3:13-14 No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead.

How do we focus on His presence? It starts by taking time out of every day in silence, no distractions. Prayer of thanks and wholesome requests would be the next step. Then a combination of worship and reading the Word everyday will help you to feel less burdened in life. Trust me, I practice what I preach. In time, the past will only show you where you started at, lost, broken, and burdened, and keep you from repeating the mistakes you have already made. The future will simply be a step at a time along the path God has prepared for you. This message is all throughout the Bible. The devotional “Jesus Calling” uses this message as a key element for its daily passages. The Bible uses the phrase “fear not” 365 times! Repetition in the Bible means emphasis. Learn to focus your attention first on His presence and live in peace.


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  1. Once for every day of the year!! Until last year, I spent WAY too much time, wrapped up in regrets of the past, paralyzed with guilt. Thank God for freedom!! Now, I am ready for God to use me!

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    1. lptrey says:

      I absolutely love the image I found for this post. It captures what everyone does all the time! Worry about time too much! I hope He uses both of us immensely.

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      1. Oh yup! I have had to repent. Worry was a huge sin of mine!
        Since we are both willing for God to use us, I know He will!!

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  2. dray0308 says:

    Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    Welcome to Th3 Platform!

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  3. Are used to worry, thinking I was helping God to figure out solutions. How self-righteous is that. And when Satan brings up my past now, I simply say that it is covered in the blood of Jesus. In the present day, I am standing on holy ground wherever I go by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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    1. lptrey says:

      Amen. I picture in my mind the Lord of Lords by my side all the time watching over me

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