Gay Marriage and Adoption

Marriage is a spiritual, mental, and physical union between a man and a woman. That is my personally held belief due to my faith in God and His Word. What I and other Christians must realize is that while the Constitution has Biblical elements, the separation of church and state is crucial: hence why we have a freedom of religion. From a legal perspective, gay marriage is constitutional no matter how you view it morally. Unfortunately, making it legal is not enough for the LGBT community. Protecting their rights to marriage has infringed upon the rights of Christians who do not wish to participate in any part of a gay marriage. Examples such as bakers, preachers, clergy, and others who reject gay marriage morally are not only criticized but actions are taken against them. Also, the issue of gay adoption is troubling. It leaves the government with the task of deciding whether or not a non-traditional family life is appropriate to a child.

As I mentioned earlier, the courts have established the constitutionality of gay marriage. Christian citizens who take part in the preparation of a marriage have been attacked for the reluctance or refusal to accept gay couples as customers. I happen to agree with them. You should not be mandated to do something which infringes on your freedom of religion. There are plenty of bakers who would be happy to make a cake for a gay couple: find them. If you cannot find a preacher or clergy member to participate in the wedding then find a local/state representative that will, or you can just go to the local government office and have it made official there.

A gay couple seeking to adopt children should face more scrutiny. This is a true dilemma. Children who are unable to rationally understand and decide on if they want to be adopted by someone should not be placed in a non-traditional family life. If the child can make that decision, for instance the child is a teenager, then it should be the child’s decision. You should not force a child into a non-traditional home. For gay couples who are unable to find a child that would consent, there are options. For a lesbian couple, they could seek in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Obviously since the child would be her own, then you can have children. For a gay couple, you would have to find a consenting woman to carry the child to term.

Why make it so difficult for LGBT couples to have kids? It is because you are going against the societal norm. For the government to have to make a moral decision for the child is not its job. I say moral in terms of how this affects the mind of a child in a non-traditional home. Their development would be significantly different. You can cite all the evidence you would like to the contrary, but you cannot substitute the father-mother relationship a child needs to develop properly with something else and expect the child to grow up the same way.


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  1. My only problem with same sex adoption is that the child would lack a mother or father. Having been raised with only a mother, I craved a father figure and two moms would not have given me a father. Although two parents is better than one for sure, there would still be one role lacking. I just don’t think it is ideal and ideal is what they strive for with adoptions. That is why poor people can’t adopt.

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    1. lptrey says:

      I’m sorry you didn’t have a father dear. Thank you for the comment!


  2. Daniel Hamilton says:

    One could argue that a homosexual couple may be better than a heteronormative set of parents, but there is no empirical way to settle this debate, which is why it is important to not infringe one way the other on the behalf of the child. Since it is a baseless claim, you can not expect the government to restrict freedoms.
    Let’s imagine a world where is was proven that a mom and dad were necessary for mentally healthy children. Then it would be a lot easier to make your case to not allow gays to raise children. They don’t do as good of a job, right?
    Now, let’s flip this world upside down, and a study is produced that traditional couples do not raise healthy babies compared to gay ones. Gay couples consistently produce higher quality children in literally all regards. Now, the government decides only gay couples should have children, and your right to have a child with your wife is revoked because of this ‘evidence’. How the turn tables turn.


    1. lptrey says:

      I see your point but there are so many things that you can consider without formulating empirical data. The way children develop sexually is through their parents. A daughter learns sexual attraction from her dad and a son learns it from his mother. Now of course there are single moms out there but typically there is so sort of Father figure in the picture in the form of a boyfriend or stepdad. But also look at all of the other things that children learn. It is a mother’s job to teach her daughter about her menstrual cycle not a homosexual father or one of his friends who is a woman. A non traditional home creates problems like this. That’s why I’m saying unless a homosexual couple is genetically related to their children, we should not be promoting non traditional homes.

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