The Worldwide War On Globalism

The world has a wide spectrum of political views spanning from any degree to the left or right. The dominant hand of power changes throughout the generations based on world events such as wars, economic decline and other things. Over the past decade, the world has been under a spell by the globalists. They promise that globalization will lead to more peace, prosperity, and fair rights to all. Nothing could be further from reality. Their utopian dreams of a centralized socialist world order are coming to an end right before our eyes.

Globalism has been most destructive to Europe. The EU has led to economic disaster that culminated with the bailout of Greece. Italy, the 8th largest economy, is on the chopping block next.

Italy’s government is ready to pump 15 billion euros into Monte dei Paschi di Siena (BMPS.MI) and other ailing banks, sources said, as the country’s third-largest lender pushes ahead with a private rescue plan that is widely expected to fail.

The euro has lost much of its value over time. The ratio of euro/dollar has decreased from 1.4/1 to 1.03/1 over the past decade. This is why Britain voted to leave the EU in its astonishing Brexit move. They wanted no part in the continuing failure of socializing European economies.

Then you have the issue of refugees and terrorism invading Europe like a cancer. Because these Leftist leaders let unfiltered waves of Muslim immigrants into their countries, they have plunged the continent into chaos with the countless number of mass terrorist acts and lone wolf incidences of murder and rape. European culture is unraveling before our eyes. That is why you see the nationalist party in France led by Marine Le Pen seeking to end the radical Leftist policies of their predecessors with a great chance at winning the presidential election. That’s why you see the Right gaining ground in Germany in response to Merkel’s weakness in dealing with Muslim immigration. Under her watch, the German people live in fear of being attacked. Take for example a woman was reading her Bible in public when an immigrant stabbed her in the back. The examples are COUNTLESS! Then you have the election in Austria where Norbert Hofer was narrowly defeated by a globalist which potentially was the result of voter fraud. That spells a sign that the Austrians are not happy with the globalist agenda.

Finally you have America. The silent majority of regular everyday Americans shouted with a loud voice that they were done with the Left. They were tired of seeing open trade deals and open borders that cost Americans jobs and their lives when you talk about all the violent crime emanating from the southern border. Sanctuary cities will become extinct. Muslim refugees/immigrants will not enter this country until we can assure the safety of our citizens 100%. That’s not racist, it’s common sense. Our economic decline was also another driving factor. Obamacare, the chains of regulations on business, among other things led to the nation wanting change. We most certainly got what we asked for. Mr. Trump will be the embodiment of nationalism at home and abroad. He will also continue to be enemy number one of the globalists.


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  1. Thank you for your intelligent and daring voice! It’s time we take care of our own people. 20% children go to bed every night hungry. The elderly are put away and nursing homes and forgotten. Should be ashamed! The church needs to wake up!

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    1. lptrey says:

      That is sad but inevitable in this fallen world. We must do what we can in our own way!

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