It’s Called Groveling

Context. Apparently it’s malleable to the media. They slightly change the truth of a situation as much as they can to undermine Mr. Trump. You saw it showcased first with the comment about Mexicans. Trump said that immigrants coming across the border are causing problems: rapists, killers, and drug dealers. The media leaves out the additional part where he says: some I assume are good people. By leaving that out, it makes Trump appear like he is making a blanket statement against ALL Mexicans. Now we are still dealing with the case where they made it seem like Trump was mocking a reporter for his disability. The truth is that yes he mocked the reporter, but only on the basis of his news story that Trump disliked.

You need to know some background information about how Trump operates in a public media setting. He’s a New Yorker for one so he can seem harsher/more loud-mouthed than most. He speaks with his hands the entire time. One of the things that he has done on several separate occasions is grovel. It’s a way of speaking and acting where you personify the person you are talking about as pathetic or stupid. Essentially it is an insult that you act out.

This is something that Trump did not only use with Serge Kovaleski. He has done it other times based on things he doesn’t like. What he did not like in this case is the news report! Just to give a couple examples, Trump made this same groveling motion to imitate Ted Cruz during the campaign when they became bitter enemies. On top of that, he did the same thing to himself during his Larry King interview where he mocked himself about going on a vacation.

As much as the Left tries to demonize Trump with this story, it’ll never sink in with his supporters. If knowing the man was disabled, I wouldn’t have done the motion just to ensure they had no red meat to throw to the public. However, Trump’s vindictive nature can be used against him. Regardless of who you are, if you attack him he will attack you back: content for content and personal attack with personal attack. What’s interesting is that the Left will sit around and accuse Trump of mocking disabled people, even though the man is heralded as a hero to veterans everywhere who are disabled or sick and desperately need the VA to be revamped. Under democratic control, the Left treats illegal immigrants better than disabled/sick veterans. It’s kind of ironic.


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  1. Excellent. Unfortunately, leftist deaf-blindness will prevent them from accepting the truth.Yet here we are. Trump defeated all opposing establishments and is today the POTUS!

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    1. lptrey says:

      The ignorance is bliss Joe! Thank goodness this epidemic didn’t get Clinton elected. MAGA starts very soon!

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  2. Thank you for blocking this.

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  3. Oh no–auto correct got it wrong–again! Blogging not blocking. Yikes!

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    1. lptrey says:

      I figured that’s what you meant! All good ma’am.


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