From Jesus To America

It is very curious that the world’s undisputed superpower is mentioned sparingly at most if even at all in the Bible. It would only be if John was referring to the eagle as America in Revelation. America is the most powerful nation ever created. We thankfully still to this day have a reputation as a nation of Christians. I wonder what Jesus would say to our nation directly in this modern day world filled with so many problems and moral decay. This is obviously a hypothetical opinion piece but nonetheless important. Here is my interpretation of what he would say:


From your founding you have placed the utmost interest on building and maintaining a nation centered on Biblical principles while still respecting those who do not know me by offering a freedom for all religions. You have had your ups and downs this entire time just as my children of Israel have gone through times of obedience and disobedience. You have been blessed immeasurably beyond any other nation because the majority of you keep my commandments and you continue to share a bond with Israel as an ally unlike any other nation. Thus saith the Lord that I will bless those who bless Israel. As time has progressed, many of you have become increasingly disobedient, rebellious, or dulled to my presence. It was written that this would come to pass across the world and is a sign of the end to come. It is also a reminder that I will come like a thief in the night. For these modern times I give you a reminder of hope, but also a warning to those who reject me.

To my children in America who have put their trust in Me as their Savior, I tell you to remain vigilant. Put your mind’s focus on Me first and the world second. Rejoice in the fact that the war has already been won; the price has been paid. Do not fall asleep as many of you are in the hyper-sensitive worldly culture you dwell within. Do not succumb to the pitfalls of increasing temptations around you. You often find yourself simply going through the motions and are weary of your day to day life or troubles you face. Open your hearts to receive My eternal peace and joy to propel you through every day. While maintaining your awareness and peace in Me, seek to bear fruit! The obligation of the Great Commission is a part of being My child: to help expand the kingdom of heaven by sharing the gospel and living as a reflection of Me.

To the adamant non-believers in America, Woe to you that you have spit on truth! Woe to your deceived minds that have created a separation between you and I. It grieves the Father that you have chosen the temporary pleasures of life and false prophets as your masters unlike your brothers and sisters who have repented to me and have sought to flee from such temptation. You call evil good and good evil. You persecute my faithful children. You claim to know how the world was formed when you know not. You condone the murder of infants. You have generated a culture akin to Sodom and Gomorrah with the help of politicians, Hollywood, and other things. If you continue to harden your hearts all of your lives, even if I sent an angel directly to you as a minister of truth, you would still reject Me. The time is now to flee from your past ways and seek Me as the Way, the Truth, and the Life lest you be cast in the lake with the demon.

To those who do not know Me or are unsure about Me, know that I am evident all around you. If you seek Me you shall find Me. My Word holds the truth about Me, you, and the universe. I speak through my Word and through my children. True Christians are a reflection of who I Am. They seek to obey Me, love Me and others, and they have the greatest hope of all, the message of the Savior, which is unknown to the non-believer.    



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  1. I enjoyed your post. It was very interesting, but I imagine Jesus’ words would be much harsher as we in America have been given much light, and to whom much is given, much is required. Remember how he responded to the lawyers and Pharisees in Luke 11:45-54?

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    1. th3platform says:

      I agree 100%! I missed the mark on that point. I only the showed the harshness towards what he would say to those who are vehemently rejecting Him. Those who are like Pharisees should also be the recipients of his criticism!

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      1. Not at all. We just had that passage preached to us on Sunday, so it was fresh on my mind. Actually, I am sad for America, because we have as a nation gone so far away from having the Bible as an authority of how we should live. When there is no standard, it’s easy to see how anything goes. I pray.

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      2. th3platform says:

        I agree it is sad to see the moral degradation of this country. To many now, they see the right of freedom of religion as freedom FROM religion now to escape the accountability provided by the Bible. We as Christians can still do wonderful things to further the kingdom though in America. The republic is not lost yet!

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      3. I love your optimism! I am still praying, and won’t stop praying.

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  2. I think you have captured in essence what Jesus would say to us!!

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    1. th3platform says:

      Thank you! Was hoping so!


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