Why Do We Justify Evil?

I’m really not surprised by the Left’s perseverance for hailing socialism and tolerance/social justice in the name of cultural ethical relativism among other things. The extent that they go to though is troubling and borderline infuriating. It’s either they are so disconnected with reality due to a lifetime of indoctrination or they simply do not care what the costs are as long as they are able to push forward an agenda that garners them support. The Left’s bullhorn, the mainstream media, has consistently justified many terrible things or at least put them in the most positive light possible for no good reason. The recent death of Fidel Castro has sparked a host of commentary and praise for the dictator by the Left and other socialist/communist world leaders. There has also been a mass knife attack committed by a Muslim Somali refugee on the OSU campus. It was reported on in such a way that the alleged “lone wolf terrorist” was actually a victim of discrimination driven to madness. I’m here to hold the narratives pushed by the Left against the truth of reality.

First, I think everyone needs to realize who is praising Castro as a revolutionary and not a ruthless tyrant: only the people that support socialist/communist states and other ruthless tyrants. The two that stand out the most are Bashar Al-Assad and Kim Jung Un, both of which are undeniably evil dictators who oppress their people. Fidel Castro led Cuba’s overthrow of a dictator named Batista. Castro immediately became even worse than Batista. He started his regime by having his political enemies lined up and shot. The country was run by a one-party system where there was no political freedom or opposition to Castro. This was enforced by threatening, imprisoning, or even killing would be political opponents or democratic reformers. Castro initially let people who supported democratic rule flee to the US, but that later ended. Cubans resorted to building makeshift rafts to escape the regime and many drowned or were killed by Castro’s forces. For those who remained in Cuba, the economic result of communist rule was devastating. A hyper-form of socialism led to poverty throughout the island. When the Soviet Union collapsed, so did the exportation power of Cuba. They also defaulted on many debts to other nations. When Raul Castro took control, things got better but make no mistake, Cuba is not a socialist utopia. The average GDP estimated in 2010 was $10,200. It’s not the economic disaster of communist leadership that is so troubling for me at this point, it is the fact that this man oppressed hundreds of thousands of people but is hailed as an inspirational revolutionary. There is a reason that Cuban Americans were seen CELEBRATING his death. You can equate it to the Russians celebrating the death of Stalin who oppressed and murdered millions of his own people.

Abdul Artan ran over and stabbed 10 people at the OSU campus just days ago. The use of knives and vehicles of attack has been a trending method used by ISIS recruiters to encourage lone wolf attacks. Reports cannot confirm a clear connection to ISIS just yet but all of the clues indicate the attack was ISIS inspired. The Somali Muslim refugee posted rants on Facebook and posed for an interview with an OSU human rights group about how he felt discriminated against because of everything happening in the media. He said he was scared to pray in public. The media proceeded to offer remorse for the alleged terrorist as a victim of xenophobia. Here is the reality. The media is exaggerating the sense of xenophobia in this country as if it is a nationwide systemic problem when in fact it is not. This man did not suffer any personal attacks or insults that were reported. Even if he did, that does not mean he has the right to go and stab random innocent bystanders. Therefore, the more plausible theory is that this was terror inspired by a group such as ISIS who seek to kill anyone who is opposed to their global caliphate, which includes Americans, Christians, and Jews especially. This is also not the first time we have seen this which further supports the implications that this was terror inspired. Many other Somali refugees have committed terrorism. The most notable one is the Minnesota mall stabbing attacker. This was confirmed as an ISIS attack and all the same trends align with what we saw just a few days ago in OSU. The mall attacker was even asking people if they were Muslim before he stabbed them. You cannot ignore that this was ideologically motivated by radical Islamic terrorists and not the result of some overblown media portrayal of nationwide xenophobia giving the attacker justification.

These two recent events and the way they were reported on just shows us how the media has truly failed this country. I wonder what they would be saying if a Somali Muslim man walked up to them and asked them if they were Muslim, and if they said no that they were instantly stabbed or shot. For generalization purposes, we do not hate the Muslim community, but we cannot deny the problems they face within their religion where there is a significant sect of radical Islamic terrorists and sympathizers worldwide. It must be addressed accordingly and we must avoid condemning anyone seeking to solve the situation as a xenophobe. As for the lovefest that is ongoing for Castro, we should look at the facts and what the Cuban people know about the man as tyrant and not the media portrayal that paints a picture of a revolutionary who led his people to a socialist Promised Land because there is no such thing.


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