The Time Has Come

The most important day of politics and the future of the country is nearly upon us. All previous elections pale in comparison to this year. They say that every year but honestly, I will be standing by this statement for the rest of my life. America has never seen a more important decision before her. The candidates to choose from increase the importance exponentially. The stressful or angry reaction associated with thinking about either candidate taking the office has driven tensions high. I have tried to lay out my rationale behind who to select with previous posts. Before I draw the side by side comparisons of what you will get depending on who is elected, I will cite this simple fact. 3 out of 4 Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction. The days of blaming George W. Bush are over. We have had 8 years of democratic leadership under Obama. Both of these presidents have taken us in the wrong direction in various ways. Here is the simple fact: Hillary Clinton has been in public office for 3 decades and Trump has not been in office at all. What does this mean? It means that with everything that is wrong with the direction of this country, Donald Trump has had nothing to do with it and Hillary Clinton has had something to do with it if not A LOT to do with it. With that intro, here are the two futures that America can choose from. This is not opinion, this is factual based on objective information and reporting combining government data, liberal outlets, and conservative outlets.

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump
Expand Obamacare towards single payer

– Premiums will continue to rise exponentially

Repeal and replace Obamacare

– Healthcare savings accounts ( no elaboration yet; however it must be better that the current trend of exponential premium increases

Increase Syrian refugee entry to US by 550%

– All of our intelligence officials confirm that terrorists will infiltrate

Temporarily suspend Syrian refugee program

– Suspends asylum seeking from all terrorist ridden countries

– Safe zones will be built in or near Syria

Taxes will be increased on the wealthy

– Death tax will remain (affects farming families negatively)

– The growth rate will continue to remain around 1% characterized as anemic

– Corporate tax rate will remain at 35%. Companies will continue to outsource jobs to other countries. Those assets will remain in lower taxed countries because if they bring the money back to the US, it will be taxed twice (estimated 2-5 trillion)

Taxes will be cut across the board

– Simplification of brackets to 4

– Get rid of loopholes for the 1%

– Death tax eliminated ( prevents the double taxation of inheritances) farmers are beneficiaries

– Corporate tax rate will be cut to 15%. Companies will bring their manufacturing back to the US. The foreign assets estimated at 2-5 trillion will be brought back at a one-time low tax of 10% instead of the 35%. No more double taxing.

Increased draconian regulations by the EPA putting coal miners out of business Cut unnecessary regulations. Maintain basics.
Will appoint liberal judicial activists to the Supreme Court undermining the Constitution.

– 2nd amendment changes

– 10th amendment changes potentially

Will appoint conservative originalists to preserve the Constitution.

– Will see to approve an amendment to impose term limits on Congress.

The US/Mexico border will remain open

– Illegal immigration will continue

– Amnesty granting free citizenship to illegal immigrants

– Many criminal aliens have not been deported under Obama and released into public (Rememberance

We will build a wall with above/underground surveillance

– Deport criminal aliens

– Non-violent illegal immigrants will not become citizens unless they leave and come back legally. They could still stay though but never acquire citizenship. Securing the border is the FIRST priority before dealing with this.

A woman who lied to the families of 4 dead Americans. A woman whose foundation is facing allegations of pay for play coordination with foreign adversarial entities during her tenure at the State department. The FBI is likely still investigating. Multiple probes have been confirmed.   A man who has said degrading things about women. Has faced allegations of sexual assault HOWEVER many have been proven to be false. That’s why media outlets stopped reporting it. It would’ve stuck otherwise. He questioned the ethical reasoning of a Mexican judge based on his race in regards to the Trump University case.  
Supports globalist trade deals that negatively impact American jobs and deficits

– Supports NAFTA

– Supports TPP (Bernie opposed)

– Our 800 billion dollar deficit will not decrease and likely INCREASE

Supports America first trade deals. Will renegotiate deals to insure a fair exchange

– Opposes NAFTA and TPP

– Will eliminate our trade deficits or other countries will pay a tariff.

That table encompasses the major issues facing the nation: the economy, immigration, and terrorism. When you focus entirely on policy, the choice is clear. The media have controlled the entire conversation by making this election about the personal qualities or faults of each candidate. This election has nothing to do with that. It is strictly a matter of what these two people will do in government. Based on policy, Trump is the overwhelming choice. He offers the change this country has desired for 3 decades. I’ve supported this man since he announced on June 16, 2015. His only special interest/lobbyist is the American people. He doesn’t need this job, the power, or prestige. He has accomplished all of that in life. He is truly here to serve the needs of the American people and that is why he will win the White House tomorrow in my opinion. If he loses, honestly the republic is lost. That is where I am at this point because this is a deciding moment unlike any election before. It is still a coin toss based on data but he has the X-factors. This is 1980 for Reagan all over again. I predict a victory for Trump between 269-285 electoral votes. I predict a 51% popular vote win.


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  1. Reblogged this on MARSHALL W THOMPSON, SR and commented:
    This is a very well written post by Th3Platform of which I follow and feature on my blogs Facebook page as one of my favorite authors. I highly recommend everyone giving this site a look. If you are open minded and not chained to establishment clap-trap and , when presented with ” FACTS ” not emotion are mature enough to at least pause and ponder what the author has to say. I do not know the writer, have and probably never will meet. I do not even know if he is a he. However, we share a great many things in common. I very much enjoy a spited debate based on facts. I will not cast pearls before swine if someone has a greater need to be right than I do to prove them wrong. I lived thru a similar time in our history. I am 59 and was in my last year at LSU. The Carter Admin was in power and the country was in shambles. We had no swagger as a country and our president told us and the world that we owed the world an apology. He wore Mr. Rodgers sweaters and talked to us around a fireplace like he was reading fairy tales to children. We were being punished for the sins of our fathers. I wondered what sins my people had done to bring about God’s judgement on me ? Perhaps Mr. Carter had been talking with Job’s friends when they mocked him saying what manner of sin did you do to deserve this. My grandfather was a share cropper. His father was an bonded servant. I lost 2 uncles in WWI and 1 In WWII. My father was one of the “FROZEN CHOSEN’ in Korea. I was the first one ever to finish high school and latter get my BA, which I paid for. It was no longer enough that all children be given the same start in life to run their own course. To gain redemption, we would have to let others start the race first and then we could start after there was no way to catch up. If the others who started first could not finish the race we were to carry them an assure their victory. Slowly a movement began. A vain of people just like myself who were never polled, were first time voters and went unnoticed. We were the sons and daughters of the farmers, millworkers ,war vets and off spring of the greatest generation, many off which where still around. We were mocked as the silent majority. I have very much that same feeling now. I remember like yesterday when Ronald Reagan debated Carter. At that point, Reagan was trailing badly. Carter proposed the debates and Reagan advisers were against it. All but one, James Baker. The same man who went to Nixon and told him that for the good of the nation he should resign. The rest is history. Reagan actually won in the last week of the campaign when he went on TV unscripted and simply had what my father used to call a ” COME TO JESUS ” conversation with the American people. Do you remember these famous quotes ? ” Mr. Carter, you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts” I pray Trump finds the vain Reagan tapped in to. With God’s help, maybe we can once again be the shinning city on the hill.

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    1. th3platform says:

      Thank you for the comment and your personal experience with this situation we face yet again in American history! I am a guy by the way. I’m glad we share the same ideals and I hope we can both celebrate a Trump victory tomorrow!

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      1. I enjoy what you write more than anyone else. You have skills that I hope you use to there fullest. If I ever misrepresent your meaning, please call me out on it. A word of caution my friend, no one is hated more than he that tells the truth. Doing the right thing is easy as long as it does not come with a price. If you are ever come under attacked for your boldness and convictions, rejoice! You know your words are hitting the right target. Paul took on Peter and never blinked. Stay strong and finish the race.

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      2. th3platform says:

        I really appreciate the encouraging words sir. I will continue to be vigilant.

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  2. Tenacity T says:

    I nominated you for something in my new post!!

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    1. th3platform says:

      Oh okay then I’ll go take a look! Thank you! New post will be tomorrow on”learning through examples” 😊

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      1. Tenacity T says:

        Okie Dokie! Just copy and paste! (Tweek it as you please with the answers and questions) Cool, I can’t wait to read it 🙂

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