James Comey’s Redemption

The FBI director’s position is about as important and stressful as the presidency itself. The FBI has always been viewed as an independent non-partisan organization. The director’s track record is a key component of maintaining that reputation. It is easy to maintain when the majority of cases are generally not intertwined with investigating American politicians and their staffers. However, when you are put in the position of investigating the most political person in the country, it is hard to escape being deemed as making a political decision by both sides. I feel sorry for James Comey and the position that the Clintons have put him in, and even though he made an honest mistake the first time out of fear, he is redeeming his reputation by reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Just to mention the background, Comey and the FBI were in the middle of a nearly year-long investigation into the private server Hillary used at the State department. The investigation revealed that the highest level of classified information was on this unprotected private server. It also revealed that Hillary lied in public press conferences that she did in fact send and receive classified information, she did use multiple devices, she did not turn over all classified and work related emails to the FBI, and she was careless and reckless with handling classified information. In addition to the lies, after receiving a subpoena from the US Congress to turn over all emails from the server, she deleted 33,000 of them. Not only were the deleted, they were acid washed with a highly expensive process known as Bleach bit. If that is not obstruction of justice then I don’t know what is. With all of these facts presented, the director refused to move forward with a referral for indictment of Hillary and her staff. He claimed the reason was that no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute the case. That is not for him to decide though. I understand it would’ve only been a 50/50 chance at best that they would be convicted in the case even though the evidence is overwhelmingly clear. Here is a theory that I happen to agree with. I believe that Comey was afraid of being painted as a political person by deciding to refer the case to the DOJ. If the case was won and the Clintons were prosecuted it would not be such a bad thing for Comey. However, given that political allies of the Clintons would possibly be involved in the prosecution would mean that the case would be shot down, making Comey look like he just wanted her indicted even though it was not proven in court. Essentially he made a small political move out of fear to prevent being portrayed as absolutely political by the mainstream media and political elites. It’s a precarious situation but the right move would’ve been to go forward with the case to begin with.

Even still, with the news of more classified State department information appearing on Anthony Weiner’s computer has given James Comey a chance to redeem himself. 650,000 emails are on the laptop, some being duplicates from the old case. Some are brand new and obviously bombshells in evidence of Hillary’s corrupt foundation practices. We will find out soon enough. This is the main reason I believe that he reopened the case: the evidence is irrefutably criminal and prosecutable. That is why the director broke from typical practice by the FBI to avoid the starting an investigation of political candidates right before an election. On top of that, the mistake he made by not moving forward in the first place. Add to it that in response, the director became depressed at the amount of heat he took within the bureau and career intelligence officials were handing him resignation letters because they knew she should be prosecuted. They were disgusted with the decision and the director responded accordingly. More and more people, including the director and FBI at large, will realize the Clintons are a cancer of corruption to all institutions of government and they must be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.


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  1. “criminal and prosecutable” “cancer of corruption” I agree; it is time to expose all corruption, hidden darkness and hidden agendas that have kept us enslaved to a flawed system. It is time to reveal the Light of Christ, the Spirit of Truth!

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  2. marijo1245 says:

    Great informative work! You’ve got talent for the details! Thanks for being the media I trust!

    Personally, I think the Clintons need to go away…far far away.

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    1. th3platform says:

      You are very welcome! I agree. They need to be out of the public eye and discussion completely!

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  3. artespeciais says:

    Hello all well ? I have a blig professions if someone below to receive post more

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    1. th3platform says:

      Can you repeat your comment sir? I’m not sure what you are saying.

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  4. Tenacity T says:

    I love the way you think!

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