Round Two

I say it once again, this is no ordinary election. Typically the first debate is the most impactful, but that is not the case this year. Amid controversy facing both candidates, this debate was dramatically more important. Trump is back with an equalizer and Clinton either held steady or faltered in this debate. Here is the detailed analysis.

The debate began with the single most talked about issue thus far: the Trump audiotapes. Just to put this in perspective for you all, this has been known about for quite some time by the media. The timing of this release coincided on the exact same day with the release of the Wikileaks emails that are very damaging to Hillary Clinton. This was the media’s counter to the October surprise promised by Julian Assange. Unfortunately for the Clinton campaign, there are many move waves of leaks on the way. As for the Trump campaign there also remains a threat of more tapes among other things. This one-upmanship plays into the hands of the mainstream Leftist media if you are not careful. They will not report both stories equally. At best they will mention Clinton’s scandals sparingly and Trump’s comments are deemed far more offensive and dominate news than Clinton’s corrupt actions. With that perspective in mind, I strongly condemn the remarks, but I am also not driven by emotion. Many men talk that way in private settings. The man apologized publicly and in the debate which he has never done before. He also said they were just comments for the most part and did not engage in sexual abuse. Finally, I think if his wife and family is able to forgive him, I think we should be able to as well and focus on what really matters.

After Clinton had her turn of criticism towards Trump, he fired back at her for enabling Bill Clinton’s sexual activity and abuse. Trump held a press conference with 4 victims of the Clintons right before the debate, and had the women in the audience. As I described in my previous post “We aren’t here to elect a nice guy,” I showed how Hillary enabled Bill and publicly defamed these victims while privately intimidating them to prevent truthful testifying. This really struck a nerve with the audience who erupted in applause to Trump’s equalizer in terms of the treatment of women. Hillary simply said check the fact checkers, which is a line she used each time she could not defend herself from the facts.

After this extended exchange we were able to get to substance. In contrast to the first debate, Trump was almost always on offense with Hillary defending or essentially dodging by referring to the fact checkers. On the issue of Obamacare, Hillary didn’t stand a chance. Her husband openly criticized it as “the craziest thing in the world” that premiums are skyrocketing and coverage is cut in half. Trump made the great line that people in Canada come to the United States for operations because their healthcare system is a disaster. Clinton is on record speaking in Canada supporting their single payer system saying this is what we need in America. Clinton pointed to the fact that we have 90% of the population insured which true. She also said that if we repeal instead of fixing the Affordable care act, that many will lose their coverage and pre-existing conditions will not be covered. Trump reiterated that it can’t be fixed and is unaffordable showing that prices will continue to rise if there is no interstate competition to drive prices down.

Tax plans were discussed again. This played into Trump’s favor regarding special interests. Trump is cutting taxes across the board. 7 brackets will be reduced to 4, there is a childcare provision, regulations and loopholes will be eliminated, and the corporate rate will go from 35 to 15 percent. This will stimulate growth, an essential key to reviving our economy, which we haven’t had for the past decade. Clinton said that the wealthy need to pair a larger share of what they make. Here is the problem. It’s not the rate that is concerning, it is the loopholes. They both cited that Warren Buffet pays a lower tax rate than one of his secretaries. The loophole is a legal provision that Trump and other wealthy people have used along with carried interest. Clinton will not eliminate either of these things because Wall Street and big donors have funded her entire campaign to ensure just that. Thus, the burden will go to small businesses and the middle class, which kills jobs and growth. Trump will eliminate both and he admits that it will negatively affect him but it is the right thing to do. Under Trump, the rates will be lower but more people will be paying because no more loopholes. In 2015, the top 1% paid 46% of total federal income tax while the top 20% paid 85% of the total federal income tax. The citizens at the top are paying their fair share despite what the Left will tell you.

Further along, we moved towards terrorism and refugees. This segment is where Trump absolutely crushed Clinton. First with refugees, Trump advocated the safe zones and criticized the proposed increase by Clinton from 10 thousand to 65 thousand refugees to be admitted into the US when our intelligence officials unanimously agree that ISIS will infiltrate. All she really said was, I will not allow terrorists into the country and that we are obligated to do our part by taking in refugees like Europe has. For terrorism at large, Trump criticized her support for the Iraq war, the withdrawal of troops that created a vacuum for ISIS to form, and the Iranian nuclear deal. Hillary used her typical stance of: you supported the war as well and we put a lid on Iran. To be clear, he did not support the war and we essentially paid Iran to delay creating the nuclear warheads but they can still test fire the ballistic missiles to put the warheads in, they still get to have 150 billion dollars for nothing, and they still get to sponsor terrorism and chat death to America, death to Israel.

This is the most important part of the debate: the responses to Wikileaks and the email scandal. Wikileaks, who have NEVER been proven to publish any false information, released various emails about Clinton. She stated that she is openly two-faced by holding different public and private stances. She also advocated a hemispheric open borders and open trade policy which in public she has denied and also denied the TPP which would favor that. Speculation about her deception has turned into fact with this release. Trump pressed her on these facts and she began to crumble. She blamed the two-faced comment on a movie about ABRAHAM LINCOLN! She said that he had to use different opinions to convince opposing sides to come together. That’s probably one of the most outrageous remarks I’ve ever seen in politics. This shouldn’t surprise you too much considering she blamed the Benghazi attack on a spontaneous demonstration in response to a Youtube video. It’s disgraceful. She then blamed the leaks on Russia and said they shouldn’t be trusted. Assange is not affiliated with Russia and, in fact, he is Australian. Trump then engaged on the emails citing that people have done far less than Hillary has in terms of violating classified information protocol and had their lives ruined. He also criticized the fact that she denied 600 requests by Ambassador Stevens of Benghazi for military assistance. The exchange about the ambassador was a rebuke of Hillary’s criticism of Donald’s erratic unpleasant tweeting antics. She expounded by saying thank goodness someone with his temperament is not in the White House. Trump fired back with the winning line of the night: Because you’d be in jail. The crowd erupted in applause.

Those were the highlights I found extremely important. The moderators were, as usual, tilted in Hillary’s favor by only reprimanding the audience in response to Trump, Martha tried to debate Trump, and they both interrupted him more. However, he did interrupt Hillary quite a bit as well, but usually after she had gone over her time limit which was displayed in the room. The bottom line is Trump has made up for the personal attack by the Clinton’s with one of his own plus the damaging information from the Wikileaks. I await the additional releases of controversy and damage by both sides before the third debate. You can choose to accept Donald’s apology from remarks a decade ago. You can accept that he used a legal provision used by countless people to avoid federal income tax and support him for his new and genuine proposals that will fix this country and keep it SAFE or you can support Hillary who is officially two-faced, an enabler of a sexual predator, owned by donors, and a lady with terrible judgment on everything she deals with. The choice is clear.


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  1. marijo1245 says:

    I love the recap! Thanks to you I won’t ever need TV again. You go to great lengths here and I appreciate the time it takes you! Thanks for posting. Have you ever considered (or do you already) a career in journalism? You do a great job! Thanks again!

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    1. th3platform says:

      That is quite the compliment ma’am. Thank you! My passion is actually the medical field! Maybe I will submit a post to a major news outlet one day!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. marijo1245 says:

        Well, the medical field is good too! Good for you!!

        You should submit a post. Your writing is informative and detailed, but easy to read and comprehend!

        You’re welcome! Keep up the great work!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. th3platform says:

        Will do! God bless.

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