The Importance Of The VP Debate


Typically the Vice Presidential debates are pretty boring and redundant but with this election representing a turning point in American power, the importance of all political events is elevated. There were few comparisons to draw on the technical nature of this debate versus the first. The first moderator clearly exhibited bias and authority during the first while Elaine seemingly had no control over the candidates and was unbiased. Tim Kaine interrupted Pence during his segments over seventy times. Kaine attempted to stay on offense like Clinton did by repeatedly using memorized lines about tax returns, manipulated comments by Trump, and many other things. Pence mainly respond to these attacks by pivoting to offense against Clinton on all of her scandals and incompetent dealings at the State department. He would only defend against attacks after they had been repeated at least several times.

I want to touch on the candidates’ gubernatorial records first. These are classic contrasts between Democratic versus republican leadership. Mike Pence lowered taxes, unemployment, debt, and left the state with a 2 billion dollar surplus. Tim Kaine proposed billions of dollars in tax increases in his first week of office after promising not to raise taxes, unemployment increased, debt increased, and left the state with less revenue in its budget that when he first took office. I tell you the truth that this is a trend across the nation. These are simple facts you can google.

Back to the debate, the content and questions that were brought up were far more relevant than the first debate. With that in mind, Trump would have won the first debate if it was set up this way. First, Kaine continued with the Clinton campaign’s signature attack about Trump’s tax returns. This is the first case of manipulating the facts by the Left. They make it seem that Donald Trump avoided paying taxes illegal, when in fact, it was a legal procedure in response the fail economic disaster of Atlantic City among other things. The failure of Atlantic City was out of Trump’s control and his company was compensated through a legal loophole in the tax code to help his company. Furthermore, he still paid payroll, state and other local taxes besides the federal income tax. Let’s be clear, many companies never returned to a dominant status after this economic disaster, but yet Trump did. That speaks to his ability as a leader and businessman. The bottom line is Trump did what was best for his company and employees legally. The irony is fascinating though. Hillary Clinton used the same loophole for more than 700,000 dollars in personal taxes and the New York Times used it for nearly 30 million dollars. Honestly, who is going to pay more taxes than what is required by law? Do you really expect a businessman to do that? Here’s the great part, Trump is getting rid of these loopholes if you read his tax plan.

Kaine’s second main point was about Hillary Clinton’s record on foreign policy. He touted a Russian reset, removal of troops in Iraq, and the start of an Iranian nuclear deal as her accomplishments. However, these weren’t really accomplishments. It is borderline insane to think she has left the world in a better place. The true result of the Russian reset was an increase in imperialist behavior by annexing Crimea, invading Ukraine, and projecting forceful military and diplomatic pressure in the Middle East. In case you didn’t know, these moves violate NATO policies. As for the Iranian deal, Kaine lied by saying we ended their nuclear program. All we did, was delay their ability for a decade. On top of that we gave Iran, the number one state sponsor of terror, 150 billion dollars for nothing more than appeasement. There was also an additional ransom payment of 1.6 billion for 4 American prisoners. Next, our telegraphed approach to removing troops from Iraq resulted in the formation of ISIS. Pence accurately said that the territory we bled and died for to secure Iraq was in vein when ISIS retook the cities after we left. We should have kept a viable force there and taken the oil that funds ISIS. Kaine’s response, as ridiculous as it sounds was: we killed Osama Bin Laden. I’ll give Obama credit for that, but the overall resulting state of the Middle East is still in total chaos due to the incompetency of our leaders.

Finally, there were some miscellaneous remarks by Kaine and Pence that really emphasize the contrast in policy. Kaine continuously state that Donald Trump said Mexicans are rapists, murderers, and criminals. Like the mainstream media, he intentionally left out that the part where Trump said some of them were great people. A typical strategy by Leftists to demonize conservatives. I’ll concede that Trump faltered when he made the comment about the Mexican judge being unable to justly proceed with a court hearing for him. It shouldn’t have been said, but it could arguably be true. Quickly on refugees, Mike Pence cited that he along with all of our intelligence officials agree that ISIS will infiltrate the refugee population regardless of vetting. Kaine flat out responded by saying: we can vet them. It’s absolutely insane given the fact that we can create safe zones and not gamble with American lives. The exchange on the border was important too. Time Kaine said the number one priority is keeping families together who are here illegally. Pence showed that securing the border is far more critical given there is an unhindered flow of weapons, drugs, money, and people going both ways.

The last thing I will mention, and some of you may think this irrelevant, is that Tim Kaine referred to himself as Hillary’s right hand person instead of right hand man. It just shows you the blatant and insane politically correct culture that dominates the Left. How can saying you’re a man be offensive? All the more reason I pray this mentality doesn’t plague the White House for 4 more years. The contrast is clear.


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  1. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Lawrence!
    I saw it too! I agree with you. Definitely not boring! Thank you for providing in-depth coverage for those who missed it.

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  2. There seems to be a clear distinction between Clinton’s over-rehearsed, smooth words with a heart far from God, and Trump’s rough words with a heart that seems willing to align with God to make our country great again. Kaine had the “right words” but I felt something hidden or dishonest in him; Pence’s values and character shine, his demeanor trustworthy and solid; his words congruent with his heart.
    With Clinton-Kaine all the “right” words are said but there seems to be an incongruence with their heart that seems dishonest, disingenuous, with a hidden agenda that is not in our nation’s highest interest. What seems to be a crime family – Jesuit combination is worrisome at best. On the other side, the combination of rough words/ willing heart – words that match the values and character of God’s heart of Trump-Pence seems far better for our nation.
    Jesus said not to judge by physical appearances because God judges the heart. God sees the underlying motivation or intention of the heart. It seems Trump-Pence have hearts that God can work with to make America great again.

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    1. th3platform says:

      Spot on ma’am! The true intentions are the most important!

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      1. Abba Father, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” in this election!

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  3. marijo1245 says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to watch so diligently and write about the debates! I feel informed now! Excellent job!! As well, thanks for letting me know that you had posted this! I really appreciate it! Keep on going!

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