Thoughts Part 1

Frequently I will be presenting a few short various thoughts on theological ideas. These are things that I’ve realized on my own for the most part through time spent reflecting on the grand scheme of life itself. As viewers and followers I just want you all to reflect on these things as well. These are to be taken strictly as opinion and not well researched facts.

  • To the atheist, I still ask you the question of what is the meaning of your life. Viewing the world through the prism of there being no God. In my opinion I find it cheap to think that life is all about leaving behind a good reputation and accomplishments if you just end up in a hole in the ground with no ability to appreciate what you have accomplished in life. I must also say that as a Christian, good works do not affect the final outcome of your destiny; however making the decision to accept Jesus as your Savior does though. As an atheist, any single decision like that would not be meaningful from an eternity perspective.


  • Think of the story in Genesis about the fall of man. All of our needs and desires were met by God in a land of paradise known as the Garden of Eden. When man fell, he lost paradise and from there on, he would have to start from scratch to meet all of his needs and desires. You could say that technology, industry, cars, roads, clothing, and everything else we have created was the result of sin. We would have never created any of these things if we had not fallen because we wouldn’t have needed them. Furthermore, there would be no job or service to be done. We would essentially be on an all-expense paid vacation 24/7.


  • Just to add on to the second thought, there would be no laws. Think of the countless laws in the world today. Even the Biblical 10 commandments would not have existed if we had not fallen. There would only be the one original law to not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. There definitely wouldn’t be any courts and lawyers.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I had never thought that we wouldn’t even have laws, in the Garden!
    Thanks for the thinks, Lawson!

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    1. th3platform says:

      As always, my pleasure!

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  2. hoojewale says:

    I believe man was put there, in the Garden as an entrapment to judge Satan. if man hadn’t fallen, I believe that, maybe after some years of probation, the LORD God would come and clothe them for a sinless achievement. At that stage the tree of knowledge of good and evil, emblematic of Lucifer, would no doubt, have been uprooted into oblivion along with what it represented here. Well, man did fall. Another man, the last Adam, the Lord Jesus, entered into our world, did not sin once so that Satan could be judged. The entrapment is a clarity, I believe.

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    1. th3platform says:

      I like that thought a lot. Makes sense! The demon will meet his fate.


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