There Is No Excuse

Here we are again. We have another high profile death, and another viral media reaction of false narratives. This is mainly done to legitimize the criminal responses by many rioters. The case in Charlotte is quite significant in comparison to previous cases. The central fact is that a black police officer shot Keith Scott. I feel the need to emphasize his race because apparently even black cops are racist. There was no racism involved in this case. Scott had a well decorated criminal history; that’s not to say he should be solely judged by his past since he could’ve changed for the better, but it should be known. He has a list of multiple assault and drug charges. He served seven years in prison. The day he was shot, police were looking for a man with a warrant out for his arrest. Scott was not that man. However, Scott exited his vehicle with a handgun in his hand. The police saw the man and considered him to either be the guy or at least a potential threat. The police asked Scott repeatedly to drop the gun and the man refused. It is unclear at this point whether or not Scott pointed the gun at police, but the fact remains that he did not listen to authorities and they felt threatened.

Then the lies and riots begin. Scott’s daughter posted a video on Facebook saying that her dad was simply reading a book and sitting in his car. Mainstream media outlets projected this video all over the country as a reliable source of information. However, a black chief of police held a news conference confirming there was no book and that Keith Scott did in fact have possession of a gun. A crime in and of itself since convicted felons are prohibited to possess firearms. Multiple witnesses took photos of the gun Scott had laying on the ground. Nonetheless, they paint the victim as innocent and begin destroying the city of Charlotte. Even if the man was only reading a book, there is never a justifiable cause for looting and destroying store owners property, robbing a local Walmart, injuring 12 cops that had nothing to do with the shooting, attempting to burn a white photographer alive, and countless other criminal and thuggish acts. Is the humane and righteous response supposed to be that you should destroy innocent people’s lives and cause thousands of dollars in property damage?  The answer is absolutely not. That’s the barbaric and ignorant response. People are unjustly killed all the time. No one seems to be outraged by the amount of death in Chicago every single day. There are a few bad cops out there just like with any group of people. In this case it turns out the man was just doing his job and using his right of self-defense.

In any case, it is best to wait for all the facts to emerge and not rush to judgment.  As this deadly and chaotic spiral continues, I fear it will not be solved for quite a long time and it’s tragic. The main thing we can do right now is show our support to the super majority of men and women in blue that do their job excellently and courageously. They are the front lines that maintain law and order to prevent anarchy, terrorism, and much more.


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  1. marktabata says:

    What a fantastic article!!! God bless our police officers who are constantly in peril for protecting the American people. Thanks again for this eye opening blog!!

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    1. lptrey says:

      It’s my pleasure sir! I try to make these posts as thought provoking and powerful as possible to wake people up. Have a great day!

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      1. marktabata says:

        You succeed in that my friend!! God bless and you have a great day too!!

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  2. This is organized crime. They flew in thugs to protest from Miami and bussed some in from New York. This is Government sponsored.

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    1. lptrey says:

      I have seen reports of many rioters coming from out of town to perpetuate the chaos. It’s so despicable. Thanks for mentioning that aspect!


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