Why We Fall

I’ll first take a moment to thank Mother Teresa for her entire life’s work. She exemplified humility better than most. Pride is a key component of the problems we face today. I believe it goes hand in hand with greed in that you can associate greed with the actions you take to benefit yourself while negatively impacting others and pride is the mindset behind these actions. I should also stress that confidence in yourself to achieve great things is a good and necessary attribute so long as you give God the glory for it. Let’s look at some examples of how pride backfires on us and contrast it with the ways of Jesus.

There are countless examples to choose from on how pride has affect the entire world. Pride first and foremost isolates us. You only believe in your own ideas on how to live and reject all advice from others and especially God. This is a central attribute of criminals. “I’m smart enough to beat the system and fulfill all my desires.” Take for instance Saddam Hussein, a former leader of Iraq. Because of his pride, he rejected requests by UN officials to inspect his country for weapons of mass destruction. He wanted to tout a reputation of standing up to much larger political and military forces. As a result of his arrogance, he went from being a very wealthy leader of Iraq, to living in a prison and later executed. Next, think of Moses who led the Jews out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. Right before they entered the Promised Land, the Lord commanded Moses to speak to a rock for it to flow with water. Instead of speaking, he took it upon himself to strike the rock with his staff for it to pour water and as a result he was forbidden to enter the Promised Land. Now think of the elitist mindset that many evolutionists share. They only rely on their own understanding. I won’t delve into all the details because I am saving an enormous refutation for a later post. The point is that by relying on their data, they misunderstand the foundation of science itself. The data they find that is factual is postulated to show microevolution as evidence of macroevolution. Stay tuned for more details on that.

This last example is critical. We all too often make hasty and impulsive decisions. This is why the Lord requires us to be patient for the right opportunities and decisions in life. We can’t rely only on our own timing to make decisions in life. “I want a sports car now!” “I want to have a baby even though I’m not financially ready yet.” “I want to get married even though it’s only been eight months.” These examples show the need for patience.

Jesus shows us that we are to be humble and not prideful. The King of kings led by example doing things such as wash his disciples’ feet and His sacrifice on the cross. We are taught to trust Him for success in life. Trust Him with our finances, marriage, jobs, good times, and bad times. There are doors to be opened and kept closed all throughout life and they require the Lord’s appropriate timing. Seek humility and patience while avoiding pride and greed.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Proverbs 16:18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.


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  1. Excellent as always! Thanks for checking the link, and re-posting it!
    Pride, we all have it! And I’m more impatient than most. Working on it by God’s grace!

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    1. lptrey says:

      Thank you! Yeah we are all impatient at times.

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  2. william says:

    I liked your article. I found your blog through the comment you left on nate’s blog, “findingtruth.”

    I am no longer a christian, so while I completely agree that people need to be humble and patient, I’m not sure that Christianity is the only answer, in fact, having left the faith some years ago, I think Christianity is not necessary for obtaining those.

    In your post, you said that we should trust Jesus with things like our finances and marriages, etc – but what do you mean by that? Some devout Christians lose their marriages, or have messy finances, or grow very sick or lose children to disease or even die young, so how then does Jesus help them more than the non-christian?

    Since non-Christians also experience those misfortunes, but also experience great marriages, financial success, longevity and good health, and many children and grandchildren, as well as altruism, then maybe discipline, love and self examination are the key components, whether aided with the Bible or not, whether in faith or out of faith.

    And while I also agree that people can lean too heavily on their intellect and own understanding, being prideful, I disagree that this therefore means we should have faith in the Bible or Jesus. Believers also use their understanding when they do that, when they choose the bible over anything else, correct? I do not know any Christian who says, “I decided to be a Christian because it makes the least sense out of all my options, so I chose it to avoid being prideful and to keep from trusting in myself…” Like everyone else, they believe it’s the most logical choice based on the knowledge they presently have.

    But we can easily be deceived. It is through our reason, humble and patient logic, that help us cut through the static, aid us in rightly diving the truth from the untruth. It’s a continual process, and lifelong journey. And as we learn more, our minds may change; which makes sense.

    Anyways, I do not mean to intrude or make noise here, just offer a different perspective. I did enjoy your article and agreed with much of it.

    All the best.


    1. lptrey says:

      Hi William, thank you for your thoughts and I’m glad you liked the post! I was in no way insinuating that you must be a Christian to be virtuous. However virtues are learned meaning they came from somewhere. In my case I believe they come from our Creator. When I request that we trust Jesus with the aspects of our lives, I mean we should follow his teachings which do lead to a blessed life. That’s not to say that some non believers do not live decent lives. It may be due to the fact that they are following certain Biblical principles that are common to most people. Most people would agree with the tenets of many of the 10 commandments as universally accepted. “We shouldn’t kill, steal, or commit adultery. As for using my own understanding to believe in something, I can somewhat see your point but this goes back to what I just said. Our virtues and beliefs are not instinctive. I guess I should’ve put it this way though: we should consult the Bible to aid our own understanding instead of just relying on ourselves. I don’t consider that to still be prideful if we approach life that way. Hope that helps and thanks again for reading. Have a blessed day!


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