If He created everything, did He create sin?

The Lord is the author of all things. Some may think He created evil though. This is a serious common misconception that generates doubt. The truth is He created free will. The next question is why He created free will. Humans are the epitome of creation and are set apart in a unique way. We were made in His image unlike all of the other creatures. Moreover, God is the definition of love and He wanted something to love instead of being alone. He also wanted to feel love back as well and that’s impossible without free will. We would all be robots. Choosing to love God also implies that some will not choose Him. Lucifer didn’t choose Him along with a third of the angels. He then tempted the first man and woman to not obey God and sin became part of mankind. The wages of sin is death. With these things in mind, I’ll further show how to dispel this misconception and how God didn’t leave us to only face eternal death.

Remember that the wages of sin is death. Some people find it hard to believe that there is a perfect righteous God if he allows “innocent” people to die or send anyone to hell. If they do in fact believe he exists, they simply resent Him because of this view. Let’s say that a 5 year old girl is brutally murdered and you are wondering why God would let this innocent girl die. The technical truth is even the little girl is a sinner. In the eyes of the world she may not have committed any outrageous sins such as stealing or killing or rape, however we are all sinners in the eyes of God and we are all given the same punishment: death. The child would not go to hell though because she has not developed a complete sense of morality. Evidence of this is found in the Old Testament where King David said of his deceased newborn son, “I shall go to him, but he will not return to me” (2 Sam. 12:23). Let’s take another example of someone who lives a relatively good life. He is diagnosed with cancer and later dies from it at age 50. There are two points to take away from this. Number one, not everyone will die of old age. Number two, diseases are not to be blamed on God. The world is imperfect as the result of sin. There’s many other types of cases where people die early from unnatural causes and as hard as it may be to deal with, your death comes at its rightful time. The death of friends and family can be a source of depression or strength. My mother lost her father at the age of thirteen. She didn’t let that hold her back and she was faithful to God. Her along with my father have lived a blessed prosperous life because of their faithfulness to Him. However, her brother got into a lot of trouble in life after this tragedy dealing with alcoholism among other things. My mother and uncle both had the same choice to make: rely on God to get through tough times or worldly pleasures.

Finally, even though in the beginning man listened to the second voice allowing sin to enter the world, God is still loving enough to give us a way out. The creation of free will still gives us a choice to avoid the eternal punishment of sin. Accept this gift that Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price to offer us.


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