The Snake

When I initially saw the snake, my biggest fear, I was scared. It slithered away from me in fear though. When I confronted the snake to kill it, I got its full attention. All it did was stare at me. No movement, just sticking its tongue in and out. I then killed it with the rake. My sister later told me it will do nothing to me. I starting thinking in terms of the devil himself as a serpent. He can make no move against me. He can only watch and speak with his tongue to tempt me. As long as I am not enticed by him, he can do nothing to me. Only if I reach out to him by succumbing to temptation will I be bitten and poisoned. A poison and bite that could take a long time to recover from. It would require healing that only the Lord through his Son Jesus and the Word can provide so that I may be spared from eternal death. We are all bitten at some point in time by the snake. The snake is beautiful, intelligent, cunning, and deadly. Many paths lead to his destructive bite. Realize that the snake is powerless and must flee from you: a child of God Almighty. Seek the anti-venom.


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  1. Oh, snakes used to be my biggest fear too!! And I’ve killed 4 now, in my life.
    I love how you reminded us satan has no power over us, unless we give it to him. Jesus has overcome the world!!

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