The Emotional Appeal Of The Left

For decades, the political Left has fostered support through appealing to a twisted and misleading ideology of radical liberalism or socialism. It has garnered support by posing as a righteous party that stands for social justice and equality, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth that is based in logic not emotion. Truth that doesn’t just feel right but is right. With many hot, controversial issues facing America today, both social and fiscal, it is imperative that you do not stumble into the trap that is the political Left. It is enticing because of the narrative they push which is also supported by the mainstream media and is not countered by those on the Right in a significant manner. Therefore, many people, especially youths, are persuaded to join this “righteous” party or face total humiliation through classifications such as bigots, racists, homophobes, etc. The record must be set straight to show who stands for actual righteous and just principles. I’ll note that the so-called establishment on the Right is nothing more than a watered down version of the Left in today’s political spectrum, so when I say who is truly standing for American principles, I’m referring to those who are truly conservative. I’ll make a note that some of my views rely on not just my view in relation to following the Constitution and common sense morals, but also my faith as well because it is inerrant truth from God. I will go through each of the controversial issues facing America today to prove where the truth really lies.

For nearly the past 8 years, we have been under one of the worst presidents in the history of this country. For a whole host of reasons, which the main ones have resulted in continued economic and security weakness. Instead of owning up to the mistakes made in the early part of his Presidency when he had enacted the majority of his solutions to “change” America, he distracted the majority of the people in this country by drawing focus to social issues blown out of proportion. It’s important to realize that economic and national security issues should always supersede social issues. If the country is racking up tremendous debt with no signs of real solutions being enacted, should we really be focusing on social issues such as global warming, gay rights, racism, etc? The answer is a resounding hell no. Just to give some evidence of the current state of the economy, we have 19 trillion in debt, lowest labor participation rate in 30-40 years, median family income has been in decline, etc. The way the Left poses as a hero to low-information voters economically is by pushing a narrative that the richer are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and it’s because of corporate corruption and a whole host of other false points. Their solution is redistribution of wealth. How much is enough for the rich to pay their fair share to satisfy the appetites of these ravenous wolves on the Left? As of 2015, the top 1% paid nearly 46% of all federal income taxes. The top 20% paid 85% of federal income taxes. I think it’s safe to say that the rich are paying plenty. However, your average person who doesn’t pay a lot of attention to politics, mainly because they don’t think it matters to them, until there is a presidential election, they have no idea what the facts are about who pays what and if it is fair. With that being said, when you have someone telling you that, “oh my goodness the rich are taking advantage of everyone and robbing us blind and not paying us enough,” you tend to believe them if you don’t know the facts. It sort of appeals to an innate envy that we have towards wealth, and it doesn’t take much coercion to make someone think that people are getting rich in an illegitimate fashion. To be completely fair, there is corruption in the ranks of the elite 1%, but it is a small faction that is puffed up as a problem with rich people all together. This is one of 2 ways of how the Left wins voters through economics. The other way the Left uses money in general is through supporting policies that cultivate a culture of dependency on the government. The current welfare system in this country is one of the largest and most corrupted syphons of federal income. In 2010 we spent over 700 billion on welfare such as food stamps, public housing, and other amenities. The problem is that there is a growing percentage of people that are able bodied workers that do not need this “handout”. It’s a way to buy votes essentially. The same could be said about disability coverage. These programs are not regulated properly or sufficiently. It leads to a whole host of other problems. Some can begin to feel entitled to these handouts when in reality, they are strictly meant to be temporary helping hands up. I will note that there are people who need help for all of their life, but that percentage is significantly small compared to the overall amount of people on these programs. We need change which is hard to accomplish when every time this problem is confronted, it is met with claims that opponents are heartless trying to take away help from needy individuals. However, this is not the case but that is what the Left does: spin the story. The single largest government spending program is social security. From a broad perspective it is a very well supported and feasible program when managed properly. The problem today is the population average age is increasing and thus more citizens are using social security than ever. One solution, although controversial, would be to raise the retirement age to decrease the number of people with access to their benefits. The rationale behind this is that because our population is aging, we are much healthier and able to work longer in life.

On the other hand, this increase in withdrawals can mainly be countered if we have more young people paying into the system. However, this is being impeded by the growing number of abortions in this country. This is my next issue with the left. It correlates with many of the economic problems we face today, as do all of these problems. In this country today, from the time it was legalized, there have been almost 60 million aborted babies in the US. There are limits to the boundaries of morality that have slowly decayed into nonexistence in this country. Some issues are easier to swallow like gay marriage than others like abortion. So from purely an economic standpoint, if 60 million people in a younger generation were paying into the social security program, then the country wouldn’t have a financial issue with this program. Here is where the Left immorally tries to justify abortion: the exceptions of rape, incest, and life of the mother. You will never hear the Left say women should be able to get abortions because they weren’t ready for a child and couldn’t afford to take care of it, so let’s take the easy route and just slaughter it. They use these exceptions which account for a small portion of all abortions to rationalize all the other abortions that we can only assume the reasons behind them. The truth of the matter is that most abortions take place because able bodied, healthy mothers don’t want to take care a child as far as the US is concerned. It’s the easy way out to what these people deem as just a financial burden, when in fact they are murdering innocent children. Moves have been made by the Left from all directions to rationalize and justify these abortions. “The mother has a right to do with her body as she pleases” is a common phrase used. What’s also interesting is the refusal by some to deem an unborn child as a human being and instead, objectifying it by calling it a fetus. I’ll also note that the line is clearly drawn that life begins at conception, period. With this in mind, the statistics do not line up with the arguments that the Left posits: that the exceptions of rape, incest, life of mother, etc constitute a majority of abortions as a whole. To just give some statistics: less than one percent of abortions are due to preserving the life of the mother. All of these exceptions as a whole constitute less than 10 percent at most. 50 percent of abortions occur because of failed contraception methods. The current state of relationship culture and the increase in pre-marital sex, has been a large contributing factor to this problem. However, what comes with increased sexual activity SHOULD be more responsible behavior in the event that a girl gets pregnant, not to just abort a child and keep having fun. 75% of women that abort a child give reasons ranging from I can’t afford it, I’m not ready, or I can’t be a single mother. The accountability is non-existent in this hookup culture for those who choose to abort under the given circumstances.

What makes this sound even more absurd is the fact that as taxpayers we are funding abortions that result in the collapse of our entitlement programs. This leads into healthcare as a whole. Shifting healthcare to a government run socialist program through the Affordable Healthcare Act is yet another way that the Left garners votes while bankrupting the country. If you’re against making healthcare a right, then the Left will paint you as heartless when in fact, all you are doing is realizing we can’t afford a program like that. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say you are entitled to healthcare by the government. Just like it doesn’t say that the government is require to give you food. You have to earn it if you are an able bodied working civilian. This is not to say that hospitals are going to leave you dying on the street if you don’t have the money or insurance to cover your costs. The emergency room is required to treat you and after treatment if you do not have the funds to pay for it, they will either set you up with a very cheap financing plan, use third party donation funds, or some other alternative to pay the hospital for its service. To site some alarming statistics of “Obamacare,” the first issue is that the president said that premiums would be reduced by $2,500 a year. From 2010-2014, the average annual healthcare cost provided by employers increased from $13,770 to $16,834. Individual premiums are expected to go up by 5% in 2017 and ever since the enactment of the AHA, premiums have gone up by at least 25-30%. This program is also killing jobs. The employer mandate requiring all businesses with employees working 30 hours or more to provide health insurance or pay a fine. Given that the costs are even higher now, small businesses can’t afford to pay for these benefits and therefore, restrict employees to part time hours or lay off additional workers in many cases. The real solution to this problem is privatizing insurance and disabling monopolies to enable competition which in turn will drive prices down. Think of how gas stations work. If there is only one gas station in a town, they can choose to charge a higher price within reason; however if there are two gas stations or more, they will all be competing to offer the most affordable price on fuel. This is just a simple analogy explaining one aspect of reforming healthcare.

Finally, I want to flesh out some general points on social issues that are politically exploited. First, the illegal immigration across the southwest border of the US is rampant. Yet again emotions are manipulated and the rationale used is they everyone going across the border illegally is harmless and just seeking the American dream. Obviously this intention is only true of legal immigrants of this country. I will say that the legal process needs to be updated and streamlined for efficiency, but that doesn’t mean that until then we just open the floodgates to anything coming across the border. Drugs, terrorists, gang members, etc are flowing across along with people that are harmless. The Left disregards these threats for the most part. Since their policies would be responsible for granting amnesty to these people, they see these people returning the favor of citizenship by voting for democrats in massive numbers. It would reshape the entire political landscape. The Syrian refugee crisis could be seen the same way. The Left would say, “All of these people are just fleeing the dangers of civil war.” It’s true that many of them are, but we currently do not have the capability of vetting these people properly, but yet the Left wants to ship them here anyway. Another case of disregarding the dangers of terrorist organizations infiltrating these populations to wreak havoc in our homeland. Even if it’s just a small percentage, it only took one radical Islamic terrorist to kill 49 people in Orlando. With all of these controversial issues, seek logical answers and not feelings.


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