Letter to Sam Part 1


I write this to you because based on our past discussions, whether or not your remember them, about religion, origin of life etc, I never really had a somewhat rational explanation to give for why I believe what I believe and how I also think it would take a much larger degree of faith to side with evolutionary theory rather than creation. This is simply an explanation of my stance and no way intended to persuade yours because I doubt you will change your mind. Especially since you think or at least thought I was completely ignorant based on my beliefs on how the world works.

With that being said, I’ll start with carbon dating. With the exclusion of the 1 percent, if that, of people that actually experiment or measure carbon 14 decay, every other single person that believes it to be true is taking these people at their word. That’s a fact. You have no way of knowing whether or not it’s true to be frank. You assume that the person who created this method of measurement had no political or secular ideologically motivated agenda associated with his theory. That’s what everyone would assume but I don’t believe that to be the case. Just to give an example from a publication titled: Contributions to Geology, has a quote stating: “In general, dates in the “correct ballpark” are assumed to be correct and are published, but those in disagreement with other data are seldom published nor are discrepancies fully explained. “ Here is a synopsis of why this dating method is based on a relative scale with many assumptions or in other words having “faith” in it:

“There is then a ratio of carbon-14 to carbon-12 in the bodies of plants, humans, and other animals that can fluctuate, but will be fixed at the time of death.  After death, the carbon-14 would begin to decay at the rate stated above.  In 1948, Dr. W.F. Libby introduced the carbon-14 dating method at the University of Chicago.  The premise behind the method is to determine the ratio of carbon-14 left in organic matter, and by doing so, estimate how long ago death occurred by running the ratio backwards.  The accuracy of this method, however, relies on several faulty assumptions. First, for carbon-14 dating to be accurate, one must assume the rate of decay of carbon-14 has remained constant over the years.  However, evidence indicates that the opposite is true.  Experiments have been performed using the radioactive isotopes of uranium-238 and iron-57, and have shown that rates can and do vary.  In fact, changing the environments surrounding the samples can alter decay rates.  The second faulty assumption is that the rate of carbon-14 formation has remained constant over the years.  There are a few reasons to believe this assumption is erroneous.  The industrial revolution greatly increased the amount of carbon-12 released into the atmosphere through the burning of coal.  Also, the atomic bomb testing around 1950 caused a rise in neutrons, which increased carbon-14 concentrations.  The great flood which Noah and family survived would have uprooted and/or buried entire forests.  This would decrease the release of carbon-12 to the atmosphere through the decay of vegetation. Third, for carbon-14 dating to be accurate, the concentrations of carbon-14 and carbon-12 must have remained constant in the atmosphere.  In addition to the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph, the flood provides another evidence that this is a faulty assumption.  During the flood, subterranean water chambers that were under great pressure would have been breached.  This would have resulted in an enormous amount of carbon-12 being released into the oceans and atmosphere.  The effect would be not unlike opening a can of soda and having the carbon dioxide fizzing out.  The water in these subterranean chambers would not have contained carbon-14, as the water was shielded from cosmic radiation.  This would have upset the ratio of carbon-14 to carbon-12.  To make carbon-14 dating work, Dr. Libby also assumed that the amount of carbon-14 being presently produced had equaled the amount of carbon-12 – he assumed that they had reached a balance.  The formation of carbon-14 increases with time, and at the time of creation was probably at or near zero.  Since carbon-14 is radioactive, it begins to decay immediately as it’s formed.  If you start with no carbon-14 in the atmosphere, it would take over 50,000 years for the amount being produced to reach equilibrium with the amount decaying.  One of the reasons we know that the earth is less than 50,000 years old is because of the biblical record.  Another reason we can know this is because the amount of carbon-14 in the atmosphere is only 78% what it would be if the earth were old. Finally, Dr. Libby and the evolutionist crowd have assumed that all plant and animal life utilize carbon-14 equally as they do carbon-12.  To be grammatically crass, this ain’t necessarily so.  Live mollusks off the Hawaiian coast have had their shells dated with the carbon-14 method.  These test showed that the shells died 2000 years ago!  This news came as quite a shock to the mollusks that had been using those shells until just recently.”

I didn’t write that synopsis but it was the most detailed one I could find and it stated the same message as all other summaries on the subject. The point is that, the science behind this methodology is not sound at all. But yet, everyone in the scientific community and the super majority of the normal population takes this as a sound truth? And as you know I don’t believe the earth is over 10,000 years old. That’s my rationale behind debunking the crown jewel of modern evolutionary theory: carbon dating. Before I proceed I’ll make a quick note, this is intended to discredit macro-evolution, not micro. For in my view, micro-evolution and/or simply genetic drift was necessary for the all the different types of people we have today based on physical traits. But I won’t delve into that in detail. The carbon timeline of evolution has a correlation with another fallacy of evolution: dinosaurs. It’s estimated that they died out around 65 million years ago, and the first records of human fossils are in the range of 6 million years ago according to the evolutionary theory. Some on the evolutionary side of the argument posit that the dinosaurs died from some meteorite or apocalyptic conditions that were uninhabitable. However, why is that according to not only Biblical but also secular accounts that humans and dinosaurs co-existed for a period of time. Just for the two types of examples: you know that the Bible speaks of the Leviathan, fiery flying birds, cockatrice, etc. And ancient pictorial engravings on caves and other structures around the entire world. Also, if that is the case then how did we not die out completely along with the rest of life itself if the dinosaurs became extinct during some global natural disaster? It simply doesn’t add up. All the more reason why the Biblical account makes more since, along with the story of Noah and the world flood. The Flood coupled with the ark provide a rational reason why humans survived plus other animals and also how all the dinosaurs were fossilized. (At least the super majority of them.)  Just to give one example that supports the Flood theory is why there are fossils of fish and whales on the caps of mountain ranges, even in the Himalayas!! The explanation is the rising sea levels at that time. That ends my explanation on why I find that evolution takes much more faith to believe than does the Biblical account of the world as a whole. Inerrant truth.  But I’d like to compare this with the modern day fallacy of global warming/climate change. They are very much alike I would say in that they both require a great deal of faith. As if we humans are so important as to have such an effect on the world that we could alter it on a global scale. Hell no. I resent that. It’s ridiculous. This entire argument by scientists and politicians alike has had a relative rationale based on whats really going on. To put it simply in the words of scientists that have debunked this fallacy:  One danger of politically influenced science is that some ideologically motivated government agency will use it as an excuse to impose draconian measures to achieve political goals, some of which are unachievable, and others that are dangerous to our economic system and well-being. Enter the Environmental Protection Agency, arguably the most harmful of the abundant federal bureaucracies that increasingly control our every word, thought and deed. I will strictly limit the criticism of the EPA to their climate change ideology because I obviously do care about recycling, clean air, etc.

But this is a big middle finger to this radical ideology. All the other planets are heating as well. And I bet these political hacks would be willing to convince people that its aliens on other planets using fossil fuels and creating an excess of C02 before they would admit that global warming is strictly attributed to natural causes, not man-made. They are motivated by a political agenda where the facts don’t really matter. I’m willing to bet there was a degree of this associated with evolution as a whole and continues to be the case. There is a lot of falsified data out there. Which is why I’m stating it takes more faith to believe global warming and evolution than it does to believe Biblical doctrine.


I feel like this wouldn’t be too boring to you or too long of an explanation but I’ve been needing to explain my view to you for a long time. Number one because I admire your intelligence and number two because I hope to convince you of the fallacies of a great deal of evolutionary theory. Regardless, one thing is true for me, in the end you will know the truth Sam. Whether or not it haunts you is up to you.


I Corinthians 1:18-21:

18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. 19 For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. 20 Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? 21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.



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  1. Did I post my comment??
    I said I skipped the scientific stuff, since I already know carbon dating is faulty, and science stuff makes my eyes glaze over.
    Thanks for posting this truth!
    And thanks so much for the follow.

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    1. th3platform says:

      Just now saw the comment on here! And thank you! Check out part two for more evidence you may not know about!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. th3platform says:

    The scientific evidence in part two is all in my own words so it would be easier to read! Feel free to share anything you like!


  3. Arkenaten says:

    However, why is that according to not only Biblical but also secular accounts that humans and dinosaurs co-existed for a period of time.

    That’s fascinating.
    Could you supply a list ( half a dozen names is fine) of certified secular paleontologists that are on record stating Dinosaurs and humans coexisted that I could read?



    1. lptrey says:

      Look I understand that you don’t agree with the material that I present. That’s perfectly fine. In this particular case I don’t see where that’s necessary but will look into it nonetheless. Paleontologist are all drinking the same koolaid of supporting carbon dating as 100% accurate. By stating there are secular accounts, I’m saying that there are sources that do not stem from the Bible. Pictorial depictions on caves are a perfect example. The people during that time didn’t just use their imaginations to come up with those drawings, they depicted what was around them. Also, look at the statement I make that crumbles an argument about how old dinosaurs are: “If they were destroyed by some apocalyptic meteorite then why wasn’t everything else including humans?”


      1. Arkenaten says:

        Which pictures on caves depict dinosaurs and humans?
        So which paleontologists are not drinking this ”kool aid” regarding carbon dating?
        Can supply at least a half dozen names?

        What are the other scientific processes are there for dinosaur fossils?


      2. lptrey says:

        There are countless examples. Go to genesispark.com. There are creation scientists that show how evolutionists only cherry pick data that seems favorable to present. I mentioned the flaws in it in this post. I think you are missing my point though. The fact that ancient civilizations were able to depict dinosaur on caves, sculptures, and other various forms of pottery means they saw these things. They did not simply imagine it.


      3. Arkenaten says:

        Not a single Creationist has had a paper published in any respected mainstream scientific journal.

        I think you are missing my point though. The fact that ancient civilizations were able to depict dinosaur on caves, sculptures, and other various forms of pottery means they saw these things.

        Again, you seem to know these cultures, so which ones were they?
        And which caves are these paintings on please.
        The site you directed me too has not a single verified claim and the soft tissue nonsense was refuted years ago.
        Would you read a link if I provided it for you?

        One of the pictures in the header is a fake of the Loch Ness monster.

        I do not mean to be rude but where have you been taught to accept this nonsense without doing serious cross checks against scientific research?

        And once more, please tell me which caves are these dinosaur paintings, please.?

        The Human Genome Project was originally headed by Francis Collins, en evangelical Christian.
        Their work proved beyond doubt that there was no possibility of a single human couple as depicted in the bible being the progenitors of the human race.


      4. lptrey says:

        I’m sorry to say that I don’t see an argument moving forward in a significant manner on this post. You clearly hold strong beliefs. I do as well. The bottom line is they are beliefs. You dispute my evidence and rationale, while I dispute yours from a broader sense. Both systems require faith. You are not personally testing for evidence of evolution yourself; therefore, you are putting your faith in people deemed “experts.” As for the website I referenced, I never said anything about the accuracy of the header photo. I’m merely pointing to the pottery in the photos, which clearly shows depictions of dinosaurs. I can easily go look for accounts by the Romans, Mesopotamians, and Native American cultures that show these same examples. However I don’t feel the need to backtrack on my opinions because I’m firm about them. You can find plenty of satisfactory evidence on your own. I am limited in my time to focus on that many details of a prior post. Let’s agree to disagree on this post.


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